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Our Services

Chimney Sweeping & Inspections

All chimneys are hand or machine swept with the proper tools necessary to do the job right, whether it is a light dry soot or a hard glazed creosote. After the chimney is swept a thorough inspection is performed on each flue. A video inspection can be performed if necessary. Pictures and documentation are taken if required. Any issues found during the inspection will be discussed with the homeowner in detail prior to any repairs being performed.

Chim-Scan® Video Inspection

Dawson's now offers the newest and most reliable way to inspect the interior of any chimney or venting system. The scan is the most revealing way to give the homeowner and the chimney professional the most accurate information needed for home inspections, realty sales, and chimney fire reports.

Cap & Top Dampers

Sold and installed by Dawson's Chimney Sweeps. We offer the typical standard chimney sizes in stainless steel and copper as well as custom sizes. Dawson's does not sell or install galvanized caps. Galvanized steel is an inferior metal and will deteriorate, twist or bend under conditions which a heavier duty stainless steel cap can handle. The galvanized cap will leave a rust stain down the side of your chimney which can only be about 80% removed with harsh chemicals.

Chase Covers

Ever wonder what the stain on the outside of your chimney is? It's most likely the cheap galvanized chase cover the builder installed when the house was built. You may hear dripping inside or on top of your fireplace, which may be from an improperly installed or rusted chase cover. This will ruin your fireplace and cause mold to grow. Dawson's will install a new stainless steel, no rust lifetime warranty chase cover. "Do it right or not at all".

Stainless Steel Liner Sales & Installation

We offer a custom length, one piece flexible continuous weld stainless steel liner that is strong, air and water tight. We also offer a less expensive, crimped seam liner kit that can be installed by us or the do-it-yourself homeowner.


We install wood and coal stoves. Please call Dawson’s before the purchase and installation of any type of wood or coal stove. We can help you decide on the correct placement and size of the unit for your alternative heating needs. All installations will be up to and exceeding NFPA 211 codes and the manufacturer's requirements.

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspections

We thoroughly clean and inspect dryer vents in all types of homes including crawl spaces. We replace the vent if needed with appropriate materials. Dawson's has removed mice, birds, squirrels, bees nests and countless pounds of lint and animal hair from clogged dryer vents which will cause the dryer vent to overheat and catch fire. A dirty or faulty dryer vent could also be a reason for excessive dust in your home. Some homes have old plastic dryer vents that are badly deteriorated and need to be replaced and upgraded with flex aluminum or hard pipe. All dryers must be vented to the outdoors.

Masonry Repairs

The crown of a masonry chimney is crucial to the chimneys longevity and it must be maintained in order to prevent the penetration of water to the flue or the interior of the chimney. If the crown is cracked or has pieces missing and is not properly maintained, water may enter the flue or the interior of the chimney and cause it to crack and expand which will compromise the integrity of the chimneys structure.


After Dawson's properly repoints your chimney the exterior will then be sprayed with a commercial grade waterproofer to help insure the longevity of your masonry chimney.

Chimney Painting

Dawson’s can custom match any color paint for the exterior of your chimney.

Flashing Repair

If you have a leak due to a flashing problem Dawson's can repair it if needed.

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